Gtk2::Ex::DateEntry and Gtk2::Ex::TimeEntry

Attached are two modules that I have recently finished – one for entering times and one for entering dates. 


Users can select and modify individual components of the date/time using the left, right, up and down keys.  When a user sets the value by typing directly into the entry, the text will be parsed and transformed into a valid date/time – which enables users to type 2pm and have it result in 02:00 PM in the widget. See documentation for more details.


Comments/suggestions/etc… welcome!



Gtk2::Ex::TimeEntry is already available on CPAN.


I just registered Gtk2::Ex::DateEntry – so it should be available in the near future.



Hope these can be of use!

Attachment: Gtk2-Ex-DateEntry-0.01.rar
Description: Gtk2-Ex-DateEntry-0.01.rar

Attachment: Gtk2-Ex-TimeEntry-0.05.rar
Description: Gtk2-Ex-TimeEntry-0.05.rar

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