Application Crashed When "require/use Gtk2" in A Perl Plugin of Pidgin


I'm developing a Perl plugin for Pidgin, which uses embedding Perl as an plugin interpretor.
For now, my plugin keep crashing Pidgin(more precisely, crashing Perl) when I try to "require/use Gtk2" module.
I tracebacked to the source and found that it crashed in the function "void Perl_push_scope(pTHX)" in scope.c.
Since I have no idea how to debug perl and perl-gtk2 in the dynamic library, it would be great if somebody could help me out.
Thx in advance.

I'm using Perl-GTK2 1.221, Perl 5.10.0, and Pidgin 2.6.2.

Chih-Chun Lin

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