Re: Application Crashed When "require/use Gtk2" in A Perl Plugin of Pidgin

On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 8:34 PM, Leno Lin <leno lin gmail com> wrote:

I'm developing a Perl plugin for Pidgin, which uses embedding Perl as an plugin interpretor.ÂÂ
For now, my plugin keep crashing Pidgin(more precisely, crashing Perl) when I try to "require/use Gtk2" module.
Did you follow the instructions here: ?
It is mentioned there that Gtk2 can be loaded but it has to be done with "require Gtk2;".

I tried a long time ago to write a Gaim plugin in Perl and I had to revert to C as the language for the plugin. From what I remember writing a Perl plugin was quite easy but the Perl API didn't had access to all the Gaim/Pidgin API (that's why I had to use C).

Emmanuel Rodriguez

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