Re: Subclassing question

Torsten Schoenfeld wrote:
muppet wrote:
If that actually works, then i think we get a functionality win (some 
of the marshaler behave more usefully) that would be worth some bug reports,
so i think it's worth pushing it out in an unstable release to see what

Specific things to test would include custom treemodels and complex perl
widget or cellrenderer implementations. 

I think the change fixes this specific bug, and I found no problems yet, so
I committed it to the master branch of the git repository. Martin, please
verify that this actually fixes your problem. And everyone else, please test
for regressions. 

Firstly, sorry for the belated reply - I did not subscribe back then to the mailing list, and
missed the replies.  Guess beating your head against a wall is a great way to learn the
mistake of this.

Anyhow, this works fine here on win32 - also all test cases but the 64bit ones pass.  I will
test a bit more with some of my other projects and let you know if anything comes up.



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