dynamic mixing of primitives and background picture - semi-gui cropping utility

Dear Fellow Gtk-Perlers,

See my attempt below at a "semi-gui" jpeg lossless cropping utility. The idea is to cycle through a few jpeg 
files, set the crop parameters by moving sliders with cursor keys, and crop the jpegs losslessly. 

y program works, but is quite "Mc Gyver"-like. I go back and forth between perlmagick and gtk2 to draw the 
cropping rectangle and the background picture. And I think it should be much faster to only redraw the part 
of the background were the previous crop rectangle was instead of redrawing the whole thing.

A little background: I have a bunch of jpegs that are produced by a camera shooting old slides (a cheap and 
dirty slide scanner). They all have black borders due to the copying setup. What I aim is to check that the 
crop parameters are correct on each picture. Lossless means cropping along multiple of 8 pixels using 
appropriate outside utilities (namely jpegtran). 

Thanks for any input!



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