Re: install problem: undefined symbol: gtk_binding_entry_skip

Sorry, my previous reply was done only to Kevin by mistake. I added the list on this one.

On 5/23/09, Kevin Ryde <user42 zip com au> wrote:
Emmanuel Rodriguez <emmanuel rodriguez gmail com> writes:
> Is there an advantage to combine multiple functions under a single XS
> definition?

There's a lot of bloat in an xsub with FREETMPS, and getting things from
the stack and putting them back for the return, and whatnot.ÂÂMost of
it's due to perl doing too much inlining.ÂÂA threaded build comes out
particularly bad.ÂÂSome combining saves code space when it can be done
conveniently.ÂÂThe difference between one or two funcs in this case
won't be huge, but the same in lots of places will add up.
Nice to know! I will start to apply your advice to my bindings.

> from what I recall there where no unit tets for this function.

There are actually :-).ÂÂI assume the original poster either didn't get
to the stage of running them, or didn't run them in an X display

Sorry, my bad! I can submit a new patch as soon as I get back home from my vacation, unless if someone corrects it before I get home.
Emmanuel Rodriguez

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