Re: install problem: undefined symbol: gtk_binding_entry_skip

On Mon, May 4, 2009 at 10:58 PM, Daemmon Hughes <dhughes bear-code com> wrote:
I am having trouble installing Gtk2 and hoping this is the correct place to find help.

A snipped version of my install output which may or may not contain useful info:
[ XS xs/GtkBindings.xs ]
[ CC xs/GtkBindings.c ]
GtkBindings.xs: In function âXS_Gtk2__BindingSet_entry_skipâ:
GtkBindings.xs:386: warning: implicit declaration of function âgtk_binding_entry_skipâ
This usually happens when an old version of gtk2 (the C library) is installed. Your version of gtk2 doesn't have the function gtk_binding_entry_skip. Normally this is not a problem as the Perl bindings try to be backward compatible, but in this particular case this very function escaped the maintainers vigilance and you are paying the consequences.
Can anyone help?
Try applying the patch that I've attached to this mail. Save the attachement to the to the main folder (where the Makefile.PL file is) and go inside the folder. Once there run "patch -p0 < GtkBindings-2.12.patch".

If the patch doesn't work simply edit the file xs/GtkBindings.xs and replace:

gtk_binding_entry_skip (binding_set, keyval, modifiers)
ÂÂÂ GtkBindingSet *binding_set
ÂÂÂ guint keyval
ÂÂÂ GdkModifierType modifiers
ÂÂÂ entry_remove = 1
ÂÂÂ if (ix == 0)
ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ gtk_binding_entry_skip (binding_set, keyval, modifiers);
ÂÂÂ else
ÂÂÂ ÂÂÂ gtk_binding_entry_remove (binding_set, keyval, modifiers);


gtk_binding_entry_remove (binding_set, keyval, modifiers)
ÂÂÂ GtkBindingSet *binding_set
ÂÂÂ guint keyval
ÂÂÂ GdkModifierType modifiers

This should be enough for your system. It's hackish but it should let you compile the module.

PS: Can someone review my patch and apply it upstream?

Emmanuel Rodriguez

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