Re: Layout problems when getting widgets from glade file

2009/5/22 Kevin Ryde <user42 zip com au>:
Peter E Dennis <peter edwin dennis gmail com> writes:

       my $table = Gtk2::Table->new(2,9,FALSE);

Do you have FALSE defined?  If not then without "use strict" it's the
string "FALSE", making homogeneous true ...

Yep, I'm brain dead.  And that has sealed it.  These weren't defined
in my test program so no wonder I ran into trouble.

Thank you Kevin!

Is this:

use Glib qw/TRUE FALSE/;

the usual way it's done?

Although I could be screwing even this up because the output of this:
    print "Homogeneous is: " . $table->get_homogeneous ? "on\n": "off\n";
    print "Homogeneous is: " . $table->get_homogeneous ? "on\n": "off\n";

Is still:

But the labels and separators now fit on the screen, with room to spare.

Many thanks,


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