Re: "Label" entries

On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 3:25 AM, Matthew Braid <ptkperl mdb id au> wrote:
Hi again,

Wow, thanks for that! _Almost_ works like a charm, but there is one
little bug. Line 145:

my $EMPTY_ATTRLIST = ($Gtk2::VERSION >= 1.160)
   � Gtk2::Pango::AttrList->new()
   Â: Gtk2::Pango->parse_markup('')

doesn't work for versions below 1.160 since
Gtk2::Pango->parse_markup('') returns a list, and the last item of the
list is not the AttrList - it's the first. Needs to change to:

my ($EMPTY_ATTRLIST) = ($Gtk2::VERSION >= 1.160)
   � (Gtk2::Pango::AttrList->new())
   Â: Gtk2::Pango->parse_markup('')
Thanks for testing and pointing this one. I've applied your patch and made a new release (0.07). You might need to give CPAN some time to properly mirror the new bundle everywhere.Â

Once that change is made all is good. Of course, people using up to
date Gtk2 installs won't notice at all :)
Emmanuel Rodriguez

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