Re: Glib::Timeout causing memory leak

On 10.04.2009 05:47, Jamie Lahowetz wrote:
I have this fairly large program. Recently I have discovered a memory
leak occurring in two Glib::Timeouts and have not been able to
discover the cause. The firs widget is a red "off" that switches to a
green "on" when the use clicks the button. The second is similar and
also includes a black label that displays a GPS location. These
widgets are located in the same widget. When these time outs are
running and the widget that contains them is open, memory usage
increases and keeps going until windows crashes producing a blue
screen. Vise versa when they are commented out the leakage goes away.
Has anyone ever encountered this type of leak? Any ideas?

I don't see any obvious leaks in your example code, and neither do any of the involved xsubs look suspect. Running your program with "valgrind --tool=memcheck --leak-check=yes" might give more information. If you can boil down the leaking program to a small example that still exhibits the problem, posting it to the list might also help.

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