Release: Camelbox 2009.167.2132Z-tahi


I've released a new version of Camelbox [1].  You can read the release
announcement and upgrade recommendations in [2].  The new installer is
located at [3].

New for this release is that now Windows shortcuts are created for
applications, demos, documentation and web links that are installed
when Camelbox is installed onto the system.  Gratuitous screenshot
here [4].  I went through most of the demos that come with Gtk2-Perl
and friends and added shortcuts to the "interesting" ones to make them
easier for beginners to find.  Lots of links to the GTK/Gtk2-Perl docs
and tutorials that I have collected over the years as well.

The release announcement also describes how to add the Windows
shortcuts to your existing install of Camelbox, if you already have




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