Re: Can't add new GTK 2.16 methods to GtkStyle

Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> writes:

The other method, Gtk2::Style::get_property(), also clashes with
Glib::Object. The question is whether this is acceptable in the same
way as it is acceptable for Gtk2::TreeModel::get(),

I think it would make sense to let Gtk2::Style::get()
and get_property() be the same method

Actually, letting get_property shadow the GObject method is a bit unlike
TreeModel.  With the treemodels the get() varies but you can you can
confidently use get_property() for the object properties in whatever
generic code might operate on Glib::Object descendants.

How about leaving get_property as the GObject property accessor and give
the style accessor another name?  Being new of course presents the
opportunity to avoid a clash.  Otherwise I guess generic code would be
reduced to writing $obj->Glib::Object::get to guarantee it hits the
right func, which seems fairly nasty.

(Even though I suggested describing just that in the docs, if that
indeed is how it is.  And even though there's no GObject properties on a
GtkStyle to actually access.)

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