Re: Volunteers for wrapping new API?

Chris Sincock wrote:
Here is a patch to add the GtkStatusIcon stuff.

please take a look and make sure I did 'the right thing'.

Looks great!  I made only minor modifications and committed.

• Changed the version checks so that your code is compiled and tested.

• Used is() instead of ok() since is() better expresses the intent of the test and provides better diagnostics in case of failures.

• Added tests with undef for the text and markup accessors.

One possible issue is that the new api for uses 'const char *' instead of using gchar in a few places (which I'm guessing is a mistake), however I've used const gchar_ornull in the patch.

I agree that this looks like an oversight. So I filed a bug: <>.

gchar and char are the same on the C level, but the bindings treat them differently: gchar strings are assumed to be UTF-8 encoded.

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