Re: GtkBindingSet etc

Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> writes:

I don't know if we always stick to it, but the
convention is to have everything from one header in the corresponding
.xs file, and use MODULE lines to put the xsubs into the proper

I had the wrong idea they had to be in GtkObject.xs to autoload.  I see
all funcs are defined at startup, only package registration stuff is
deferred.  (Must be a scary number of funcs! :).

But we really need to have an unstable release soon.

Spurred into action, a new whole-tree diff below, including

  - set_name() as accessor
  - priority constants
  - tests of $obj->bindings_activate and $obj->bindings_activate_event
  - priority() getter dropped as it's in fact unused

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