Re: GtkBindingSet etc

Kevin Ryde wrote:
It also shuffles things around a bit.

Oh, which bits do I look at for shuffling?

It was mainly moving the gtk_bindings_activate and gtk_bindings_activate_event wrappers into GtkBindings.xs (from GtkObject.xs). I don't know if we always stick to it, but the convention is to have everything from one header in the corresponding .xs file, and use MODULE lines to put the xsubs into the proper package.

Note gtk_bindings_activate() and gtk_bindings_activate_event() don't
depend on having bindingset stuff wrapped, so those funcs can be
contemplated separately from the present stuff.

OK. It would be a pity to have to punt on the other stuff though. But we really need to have an unstable release soon. We are actually supposed to be API-frozen already. So if you can solve the remaining issue in the near future, that would be great. Otherwise I'll follow your suggestion of only committing the activate() and activate_event() wrappers.

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