Re: GStreamer position querying

On 17.12.2009 20:52, Chris Bartak wrote:
I'm trying to write a specialized audio player using Gtk2-perl and
GStreamer, and have run into a problem querying the position of the stream.
I've tried using a playbin, and when I couldn't query that, I tried setting
up the elements and pipeline manually. While both methods play audio fine,
neither one will allow me to query for position. Here's the playbin version
of my code:

if ($playbin->query($query_time)){
     my ($time_format,$time) = $query_time->position;
     print "$time\n";

In the GStreamer tarball, there's examples/manual/ that does exactly this, and it works for me. Does it work for you?

My Gtk version is 2.18.3 as provided by Gtk2->get_version_info (which Ubuntu
calls 1:1.221-4), Perl is 5.10.0.

Gtk2 is not really relevant for this, but anyway: Gtk2->get_version_info returns the version number of the gtk+ C library that the Perl module Gtk2 is linked against. That Ubuntu version 1:1.221-4 is the version of the Perl module Gtk2.

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