Gdk warnings

I am getting these warning that preceed a crash:
Gdk-WARNING **: gdkgc-win32.c:823: SaveDC failed: Not enough storage is available to process this command. at line 195.
Gdk-WARNING **: gdkgc-win32.c:963: RestoreDC failed: The parameter is incorrect. at line 195.
Gdk-WARNING **: gdkdrawable-win32.c:1782: CreateCompatibleDC failed: The operation completed successfully. at line 195.

They all point to the Gtk2->main loop. The app crashes after 10 minutes of idle work. I am having trouble finding the source of the errors. Any ideas?

Jamie Ryan Lahowetz
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Graduate Student - Geosciences
jlahowetz gmail com

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