Re: table with borders, bg, row colors etc...

On Aug 21, 2008, at 1:00 PM, Veli Ogla Sungutay wrote:

Hey all,
I think most us are experienced with HTML Tables with CSS to season them. Bottom borders, border colors, cell background colors etc...
Evet some javascript to have interactivity with each cell and row.

Now I google but I cannot find anything usefull to Table styling in Gtk2. How can we style a Gtk2 table like an HTML Table?
Any tips?

The GtkTable isn't meant to be used like that. All it does is control layout of widgets, it doesn't actually draw anything for itself.

If you really need an html-style table, e.g. for a fancily-formatted report, you can embed an html widget and create actual html code to display in it.

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