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--- On Sun, 11/30/08, Dafna Hirschfeld <dafna3 gmail com> wrote:

From: Dafna Hirschfeld <dafna3 gmail com>
Subject: I have a problem
To: gtk-perl-list gnome org
Date: Sunday, November 30, 2008, 10:42 AM
I wanted to build a toolbar and insert buttons to it.
I noticed that the documentation of
is very poor - it just lists all  it's methods but has
no description on
what the methods do or about the meaning of the parameters.

Searching in Google brought me to this conversation
< gnome org/msg02464.html>
and this page
am really confused, if those methods are deprecated why
isn't it written in
the documentation?, and why the new methods are not

And another thing, when I run this
order to get my version I get the output:

Glib 1.190
Gtk2 1.190

Glib built for 2.16.4, running with 2.16.5
Gtk2 built for 2.12.11, running with 2.12.11

And I don't understand exactly what does it means, what
is the different
between "built for" and "running with"?
and what is the 1.190 in the first 2
lines mean?

Thank you
gtk-perl-list mailing list
gtk-perl-list gnome org

Regarding documentation - the painful truth is you'll have to read the
original gtk2 documentation (for "C", not for Perl) in order to understand
what it's all about.

The even more painful truth is that the original documentation is not 
always clear.


"Glib built for 2.16.4, running with 2.16.5" apparently means that you have
version mismatch - Perl Glib was originally built based on "C" glib-2.16.4,
but now your system has "C" glib-2.16.5.



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