Re: Release: Camelbox 2008.120.0145Z

I agree.

With regards to ActivePerl, the reason the Vanilla (and later
Strawberry) distributions were created in the first place was a lack
of movement and response from ActiveState, including an email to me
from them that said that they couldn't bundle the GCC compiler because
parts of ActivePerl (their ActivePerl:: modules) were incompatible
with the GPL.

Since Strawberry has been created, they have started releasing new
versions of ActivePerl closer to the official release dates, and if
they have also moved to bundling a compiler now that represents
another improvements that could arguably be attributed to Strawberry
"raising the bar" and pushing them to compete.

This is a good thing.

I agree that getting the GUI frameworks to be supported better is
needed, but for Strawberry at least, the "community" needs to drive
this work. Certainly the community doesn't think it is important
enough to have GTK working in Strawberry, or someone would have
stepped up to do the work required.

Unlike ActiveState at least, Strawberry is 100% open source, all the
code is in open repositories, and there's nothing stopping anyone from
doing it.

Adam K

2008/6/5 nadim khemir <nadim khemir net>:
On Sunday 01 June 2008 03.38.48 Adam Kennedy wrote:
I, for one, intend to make the very existence of camelbox superfluous by
making the reason for it neededing to exist go away.

I'm just not in a great hurry to do so.

Currently, GTK is not a problem anyone has apparently wanted solved
enough to do the work required to generate the appropriate packages for
Strawberry (or Chocolate) Perl.

This is not something that will necessarily remain the case.

While you are making CamelBox reason to exist desapear, a good thing, most of
us are trying to make ActiveState reason to exist desapear. I believe
ActiveState is now copying Strawberry and installing a compiler too. It would
be nice to have a review of all windows distributions and a list of what they
support or not.

The situation, on the ground, is that people will often have AsctiveState
installed because they know nothing about Strawberry or are afraid to use it
(or not allowed by their managment). So we come and ask them to stop using
something they believed was OK. Things get even more complicated when they
are asked to install yet another perl distribution to run gtk based

Note that once you have multiple perl installed, running 'perl' runs only one
of them making people bitter because nothing works as before.

Since the status-quo is not one, I'll pray for a soon to come release with gtk
support and deal with unhappy people in the mean time.

I belive that is it is strategicly important to have support for a/multiple UI
frameworks in Strawberry or any other distribution targetting Windows. I
belive that we, the Perl community at large, have already been miscalculating
the importance of that platform for the success of Perl.

Cheers, Nadim.

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