Re: Release: Camelbox 2008.120.0145Z

nadim khemir wrote:
It would be really cool if you and Adam could agree on a way of working so people wouldn't have to install two installations of perl. Both of you seemed happy with yourselves and not really wanting to do anything to change the status quo. It is understandable but I believe both distribution suffer from that. I though I'd wait a bit to see if anyone makes a move before I start haunting you again ;)
Change the status quo?

I, for one, intend to make the very existence of camelbox superfluous by making the reason for it neededing to exist go away.

I'm just not in a great hurry to do so.

Strawberry has a release cycle, and I intend to stick to that release cycle.

Problems that can be solved in that time frame will be solved, those that can't will not.

Currently, GTK is not a problem anyone has apparently wanted solved enough to do the work required to generate the appropriate packages for Strawberry (or Chocolate) Perl.

This is not something that will necessarily remain the case.

In the mean time, camelbox does a far better job of zero'ing in one that one specific problem area.

I'm quite happy with the situation where Strawberry acts as a stable and standard distribution, with more experimental distributions coming into existence, solving problems, and then slowly being absorbed.

But I'm not going to do so in a way that compromises the ease of use or ease of installation of Strawberry.

So it's less a case of status quo, and more a case of not moving fast enough that you can notice it.

Adam K

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