Re: grab event further fields

Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> writes:

-     if (items == 2 && newvalue != RETVAL)
+     if (items == 2)

What's your motivation for that change?

Oops, shouldn't put in something unrelated ...

The check isn't all that meaningful, but that's what all other
accessors do.

I think most of the plain stores of values don't check, eg "keyval" or

I suspect the plain stores which are checking, like "owner" and
"reason", are only due to cut-and-paste of ones like "window",
"subwindow" and "region".

(Those latter have ref/unref, and so save a bit of work by comparing;
maybe they even need to do so for correctness, if the unref is first,
perhaps ... maybe.)

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