Re: grab event further fields

Kevin Ryde wrote:
I noticed GdkEventGrabBroken has "implicit" and "grab_window" fields
without accessor methods.

Looks good.  Some comments:

-       if (items == 2 && newvalue != RETVAL)
+       if (items == 2)

What's your motivation for that change?  The check isn't all that
meaningful, but that's what all other accessors do.

+=for apidoc Gtk2::Gdk::Event::GrabBroken::grab_window

If you attach the POD paragraphs directly to an xsub (no blank line
between "=cut" and the start of the xsub), then the doc generator
automatically associates this paragraph with the xsub.  Thus, you can
just use "=for apidoc".

Committed.  Thanks!


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