Re: gtk-perl makes ASCII world domination one step closer

I think you meant to reply to the list, not to me. I couldn't answer the win32 question.

On Feb 19, 2008, at 3:33 AM, nadim khemir wrote:

On Tuesday 19 February 2008 04.08.54 you wrote:
But in the end, it was actually quite snappy and interesting.  The
Dilbert picture was worth the installation work.  ;-)

I'll make a proper module and upload it. That should fix the dependencies

It seems we do not have a namespace for GTK applications. Shall I call it App::gpad or App::GTK::gpad so other can find the applications we write?

We use Gtk2::Ex for pure-perl add-on modules. Apps go in the most appropriate namespace for what each app does.

Can anyone test this on Win32 and, if possible, create an exe through par so
it's easier to distribute (I have fix a windows box someday).

Some technical questions:

how do I intercept a the closing of a widget (the gpad widget in this case)
and present a "modified, do you want to save: yes no cancel" dialog?

Gdk represents a window manager kill as "delete-event", Return a true value from your handler to stop propagation.

   # warning, untested code typed straight into an email
   $window->signal_connect (delete_event => sub {
       my ($win, $event) = @_;
       my $answer = 0;
       if (document_is_dirty ($win)) {
my $dlg = Gtk2::MessageDialog->new ($win, [], 'question', 'yes-no', "Are you sure you want to quit?");
           $answer = ('yes' eq $dlg->run);
       return $answer;

You get bonus points for the minimal extra work to use "Quit" and "Don't Quit" for the buttons instead of "Yes" and "No".

I use $drawing_area->set_size_request, that sets a minimum size but I want to set the size when the window opens then it's up to the user to set size.

gtk_widget_set_size_request() effectively sets the widget's minimum size, as you have observed. The fix is to use gtk_window_set_default_size() on the toplevel, and do NOT set the size request on the drawing area widget.

    $toplevel_window->set_default_size ($width_pixels, $height_pixels);

I was thinking of allowing the user to split the drawing area vertically and horizontally (many times if necessary) and be able to drag drop between the different areas. Do anyone see a problem or like the idea? my base idea was to present the stencil in a different view instead-for/or the context menu

That's a common thing i've seen in other apps.  Sounds nice.

last but not least, shall it be added to applications list on the gtk-perl web

Create a description page to which we can link, and we'd be happy to. You know, what does the app do, what does it look like, what do you need --- more than just a tarball in a directory. ;-)

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