Re: GtkImageView

On 17/02/2008, muppet <scott asofyet org> wrote:
Now that you have a GBoxed GType for the struct (that can go upstream
just like the GEnum GTypes), you can also register the functions to
marshal the value to and from perl.  See gperl_register_boxed() in

As I have added the GBoxed entries to maps, Glib::CodeGen is creating
gperl_register_boxed() entries in register.xsh, but with NULL for the
wrapper class. If I understand the Glib::xsapi correctly, this means
the GBoxed gets a standard wrapper - which is what? Do I need to
change this? If so, how?

#ifndef gperl_sv_is_hash_ref
#define gperl_sv_is_hash_ref(sv) \
     ((sv) && SvOK (sv) && SvROK (sv) && SvTYPE (SvRV (sv)) == SVt_PVHV)

Thanks for this, and for the code to bless the hash.

I don't have the code building at the moment, but that usually means
you don't have a prototype for SvGdkPixbufDrawOpts() in that file.  If
you refer to a function without a prototype or prior declaration, C is
defined to assume it returns an int.

I'll guess that this is in the file from which you removed the static
definition of SvGdkPixbufDrawOpts().  Make sure you're getting the
prototype from a header.

Exactly right. Thanks.


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