Re: GtkImageView

I held off releasing the Perl bindings for gtkimageview 1.5.0 because
the author wanted to add the GTypes and a couple of other things. This
he has done, and I have updated the bindings to match
( There are, however, a couple
of things that I don't understand:

a. there is an enum (not a gobject), GdkPixbufDrawOpts, which is used
in both gtkiimagetool.h and gdkpixbufdrawcache.h. I find I have to
include the newSVGdkPixbufDrawOpts and SvGdkPixbufDrawOpts definitions
in the bindings twice, once for each header file, to avoid errors
missing the SvGdkPixbufDrawOpts symbol. What am I doing wrong?

b. compiling gives me the message:
GdkPixbufDrawOpts is not registered with the GLib type system.

c. Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf::Draw::Cache::get_method segfaults at the moment
if it not fed with the requisite two GdkPixbufDrawOpts. As the Perl
version of GdkPixbufDrawOpts is a hash, what is the best way of
checking that the hash is a Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf::Draw::Opts? isa doesn't
work, because it is a hash, not a gobject. Should I be blessing the

Everything I've got up to now is committed to the svn repository on the website.



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