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On Oct 21, 2007, at 2:03 PM, Tian wrote:

On Sun, 21 Oct 2007 18:14:13 +0200
Tian <tian-ml c-sait net> wrote:

I am trying to change an application so users will be able to define their own accelerators for menus. I tried to use set_accel_path for this. But there is something I should do the wrong way. So i attach a small test
program that doesn't work as I expect.

By the way, you have

my $fileItem = Gtk2::MenuItem->new_with_mnemonic('File');

but the label string does not contain a mnemonic. Also, Gtk2 binds the "new_with_mnemonic" constructor variants as "new" by default, so you can do simply

my $fileItem = Gtk2::MenuItem->new('_File');

What I would like is that if the user press on some keys while an item has
the focus, the accelerators is replaced by the one pressed.

It seems I have correct settins on my side:

cat ~/.gtkrc-2.0
gtk-can-change-accels = 1

So something should be wrong in the code. But I can't figure what after many

Works for me.

1. perl
2. use mouse to open File menu
3. hover mouse over "_New  Ctrl+N"
4. press Ctrl+G
5. press Ctrl+G again, get a bell meaning "you can't do that" (because it is now taken)
6. press Esc to close menu
7. press Ctrl+G, message box pops up.
8. use mouse to open File menu, still says "_New  Ctrl+N"
9. press Esc
10. press Ctrl+N, message box pops up.

Basically, what i see is that you can add the new accelerator key, and it doesn't remove the old one or change what the menu says.

I searched the web, but didn't any example for this made using Gtk2-Perl.

It should be all within gtk+ itself...

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