calling superclass size_request method

With the debian packaged perl-gtk 1.140 and glib 1.161, and gtk 2.12.0
and glib 2.14.1, I had a little go at subclassing a GtkLabel, and in a
"size_request" method calling up to the corresponding superclass code
using signal_chain_from_overridden().  See and below,

Alas signal_chain_from_overridden doesn't seem to touch the requisition
object, it just stays as size "0x0", where I hoped for something like
"72x17" (which is the case with no signal_request method in the
subclass).  Have I misunderstood something fundamental?  I was sort of
copying what the example does, and wanted something
like in C

    GTK_WIDGET_CLASS (my_foo_parent_class)->size_request (widget, requisition);

I suspect actually for what I'm trying to do (tinkering with a clock as
a subclass of GtkLabel) I ought to calculate a desired size on my own,
in advance, instead of asking the superclass and manipulating its
result.  But playing around made me wonder what I was doing wrong
seemingly not to reach the superclass code at all.

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Description: Text Data

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