Hi all,

I installed the c version of glib, glib-2.12.12,  into my $HOME/usr/local   since I am using my university's linux comp and don't have root access.

So in the Glib-1.144 (Gtk-perl) dir, i type:

> perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=$HOME/usr/
> make

and then make gives me this error:

/usr/bin/perl -I blib/lib -I blib/arch -MGlib::GenPod -MGlib \
        -e 'add_types ("doctypes");  $Glib::GenPod::COPYRIGHT="Copyright (C) 2003-2007 by the gtk2-perl team.\n\nThis software is licensed under the LGPL.  See L<Glib> for a full notice.\n"; $Glib::GenPod::MAIN_MOD="Glib";  xsdoc2pod("build/", "blib/lib", "build/podindex");'
/usr/bin/perl: symbol lookup error: blib/arch/auto/Glib/ undefined symbol: g_bookmark_file_error_quark
make: *** [build/podindex] Error 127

I assumed this was due to a compatibility problem with the c version of glib, so I went back to glib-2.12.10, which was released early March 2007 (same as the latest version of Gtk-Perl).

But same error.

How do I solve this error? Should I just roll back to a super early version of the c version glib that doesn't have gbookmarkfile.h  ?   this seems to be the header causing the incompability problem..

Thanks alot,

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