Suggestion for $icon_view->scroll_to_path

$tree_view->scroll_to_cell ($path, $column=undef, $use_align=FALSE,
$row_align=0.0, $col_align=0.0)
· $path (Gtk2::TreePath or undef)
· $column (Gtk2::TreeViewColumn or undef)
· $use_align (boolean)
· $row_align (double)
· $col_align (double)

The TreeView method has defaults, so I can just say

$tree_view->scroll_to_cell ($path)

$icon_view->scroll_to_path ($path, $use_align, $row_align, $col_align)
· $path (Gtk2::TreePath)
· $use_align (boolean)
· $row_align (double)
· $col_align (double)

If I do the same with an IconView

$icon_view->scroll_to_path ($path)

I get

*** unhandled exception in callback:
***   Usage: Gtk2::IconView::scroll_to_path(icon_view, path,
use_align, row_align, col_align)

and therefore need:

$icon_view->scroll_to_path ($path, FALSE, 0 , 0)

Which, I agree, is very minor, but...



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