Re: about scrolling

Hi Dimitar,

* Dimitar Kenanov <kenanov minet uni-jena de> [2007-05-23 12:50]:
i have a quation about scrolls. I have a page in a Notebook
with for example 70 widgets inside. I made a Find function to
find the widget i want. I find it. But then how can i make so
that when i find it the page to scroll automaticaly to this

You ask the widget for its `->allocation`, then go up the tree of
containers, adding their X/Y positions to the widgetâs position,
until you get to the ScrolledWindow widget. Thus you get the X/Y
position of the widget within the ScrolledWindow.

To scroll, you need to ask the ScrolledWindow for its HAdjustment
and VAdjustment, then do `->set_value` on them.

However, I donât know how to ask a ScrolledWindow for how much
virtual area it has, which would need in order to convert from
the X/Y coordinates of the widget to a relative position in the
upper..lower value range of the Adjustments.

At least thatâs roughly how it should work. I havenât written
Gtk2-Perl code in a while, so Iâm probably wrong in various
details. However, that should be the right general approach.

Aristotle Pagaltzis // <>

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