Re: ComboBox and Tooltips

On 3/20/07, Jeffrey Ratcliffe <jeffrey ratcliffe gmail com> wrote:
Having successfully compiled Gtk2 1.144 against gtk+ 2.10.11 in a
sandbox, I have just switched all my OptionMenus to ComboBoxes.
However, the Tooltips don't seem to work. Here is a little demo - the
button tooltip works fine, but the combobox not.

Hmm, it looks like Gtk2::ComboBox isn't acting properly on my machine
either.  Until someone figures out what is wrong I would suggest the
following workaround:

my $ev = Gtk2::EventBox->new;
my $cb = Gtk2::ComboBox->new_text;
$cb->append_text ('Combo Box');
$hbox -> pack_end ($ev, FALSE, FALSE, 0);
$tooltips -> set_tip ($ev, 'Combo Box');

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