Re: The Always on top issue

On Mar 20, 2007, at 6:06 AM, Fluff wrote:

I've searched the list and only found a thread from 2004, so I'm
wondering if there's any way to keep a window always on top as well as
getting decorations with it.

Always on top of what, exactly?

If you want always on top of everything, there's $window- >set_keep_above(TRUE), which gives the window manager a hint and therefore may or may not work, and was added in version 2.4 of gtk+.

If you want always on top of a particular window in your application, then $window->set_transient_for ($parent_window) should do that trick in all versions of gtk+. This makes the window stay above its parent at all times, but does not prevent other windows from covering it. set-transient-for

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