Re: Non-ascii characters break Cairo's show_text

Torsten Schoenfeld wrote:
The answer is usually to use pango for any non-trivial text

Thanks, the rendering is quite trivial also with pango and I don't notice any slowdown in rendering, here's a snippet for somebody needing a code snippet (I found the documentation a bit confusing):

# $cr is cairo context, @pixel is where to put text, $wc, $hc, and $dw are adjustments
my $layout = Gtk2::Pango::Cairo::create_layout($cr);
my($width, $height) = $layout->get_size;
$width /= Gtk2::Pango->scale;
$height /= Gtk2::Pango->scale;
$cr->move_to($pixel[0]+$wc*$width+$dw, $pixel[1]+$hc*$height);
Gtk2::Pango::Cairo::show_layout($cr, $layout);

The remaining problem is that I was not able to easily get the $layout->set_font_description working to set the font from I get from the FontSelectionDialog. BTW, I find parsing what it returns in get_font_name difficult.



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