Re: can't signal_connect in windows.

Dirk Koopman wrote:
j g karssenberg student utwente nl wrote:

This code works for me without problem (win32 / activeperl).

You might want to check if the version for which perl Gtk2 was compiled and
the gtk+ version installed match.
Version mismatch has caused me similar bugs in the past.

I think I am using the gtk 2.8.20 from the same place as the ppms. How
do I find out which version of gtk the Gtk2 needs?

 perl -MGtk2 -e 'print "Module version $Gtk2::VERSION\n"'
 perl -MGtk2 -e 'print "Built for ".join(".",Gtk2->GET_VERSION_INFO)."\n"'
 perl -MGtk2 -e 'print "Running with ".join(".",Gtk2->get_version_info)."\n"'

Details in Gtk2::version (and Glib::version).

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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