RE: can't signal_connect in windows.

This code works for me without problem (win32 / activeperl).
You might want to check if the version for which perl Gtk2 was compiled and the gtk+ version installed match.
Version mismatch has caused me similar bugs in the past.
Jaap <pardus cpan org>


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Subject: can't signal_connect in windows.

Take this snippet of code.

        use Gtk2 '-init';

        $main = new Gtk2::Window('toplevel');
        $main->signal_connect('delete_event', sub { Gtk2->main_quit; });

I get: Can't locate object method "signal_connect" via package

So Gtk2 has initialised, $main is a ref to Gtk2::Window, what have I
missed out (apart from the other 600 lines of code)?
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