Re: trees - newbie question

muppet wrote:
I went to that project and noticed it all seems a few years old. I
tried to install Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Tree but it fails its tests. I
forced the install and ran the example program. It runs but the OK
button callback is buggy (using an unimplemented method). I changed
the example to make one of the columns editable and discovered that
the change doesn't persist (the widget is editable but reverts to its
previous text).

What versions of everything are you using?  Specifically, what versions
of gtk+, Gtk2, and Gtk2::Ex?  Which unit tests failed?  For
Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Tree, did you also install Gtk2::Ex::Simple::List?

There's more detail in my bug report on rt.cpan. I'm not sure I put all
the versions there: gtk2 is 2.6.4-6.7 (Suse pkg), Gtk2 is 1.144,
Gtk2::Ex is 0.50. The unit test fail and cause is as reported later on
this list by Roderich Schupp. I had installed Gtk2::Ex::Simple::List by
that time, because Tree fails to install otherwise :(  I put a separate
bug report on RT for that.

There are more examples of using Gtk2::Tree* in the Gtk2 source under
examples/ and demo/, and other programs available on the web.  You can
also try the Gtk+ 2.0 Tree View Tutorial, linked from .

I'd found some of those and have moved on to using TreeStore and
TreeView directly now. My initial program seems to be working pretty
well. I found one little oddity. My code for the callbacks for my expand
and collapse buttons looks like this:

    my $xa_button = Gtk2::Button->new ('Expand All');
    $bbox->pack_start($xa_button, FALSE, TRUE, 0);
    $xa_button->signal_connect(clicked =>
        sub {
                $tree_view->queue_draw; # doesn't redraw automatically

    my $ca_button = Gtk2::Button->new ('Collapse All');
    $bbox->pack_start($ca_button, FALSE, TRUE, 0);
    $ca_button->signal_connect(clicked => sub { $tree_view->collapse_all });

The code for collapse is what I'd expect, but I had to add an extra line
to expand because it doesn't redraw the tree. I don't know whether I'm
missing something?

Thanks again,

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