trees - newbie question


I'm just starting trying to use gtk2 and gtk-perl. I'm particularly
interested in trees - I need a GUI for displaying and editing them. I
have some initial questions and hope somebody can point me in the right

In taking baby steps, I found Gtk2::SimpleList and built a test program
with it that worked :) I noticed that in its POD it says: "Note:
Gtk2::SimpleList is deprecated in favor of Gtk2::Ex::Simple::List, part
of the Gtk2-Perl-Ex project at";

I went to that project and noticed it all seems a few years old. I tried
to install Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Tree but it fails its tests. I forced the
install and ran the example program. It runs but the OK button callback
is buggy (using an unimplemented method). I changed the example to make
one of the columns editable and discovered that the change doesn't
persist (the widget is editable but reverts to its previous text).

So my first question is whether this module is usable/supported? Or are
there other examples using the Gtk2::Tree* modules?

I couldn't find any mailing list or forums for Gtk2-Perl-Ex, so is this
the right place to ask such questions? I tried to search the archives
for this list <> but couldn't
persuade it to give me any results. Is there another archive anywhere?

Thanks and regards,

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