Re: Window receiving button-release-event

On Mon, 28 May 2007 18:19:32 +0200
Peter Daum <gator_ml yahoo de> wrote:

The key-release part works as intended, but for some reason,
I don't get any button-release event that occurs within a child
widget that is also interested in button-release (i.e. pretty
much everything except frames and labels).

The GTK documentation says about signal_connect_after:
"The handler will be called after the default handler of the signal
instance", so I hoped it should work even when there is another signal
handler installed.

Any ideas how to get this right?

                          Peter Daum

It's best to include a minimal working script that demonstrates
the problem, so people can quickly run and examine it.
Otherwise, we need to write a script that does what you say,
hopefully as you intended, and we are all pretty lazy. :-)


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