Question about getting values from nested GTK::Boxes


I have the following function which gets the values from nested h/vboxes.

sub get_files {
my ($sel_opts_vbox)= _;
my @files;
my @add_opts;
foreach my $child ($sel_opts_vbox->get_children){
if ($child->get_name eq 'filesel'){
foreach my $child1 ($child->get_children){
foreach my $child2 ($child1->get_children){
foreach my $child3 ($child2->get_children){
foreach my $child4 ($child3->get_children){

if ($child4->get_name eq 'GtkFrame'){
foreach my $child5 ($child4->get_children){
my $media=$child5->get_text;$media=~s/\n//g;
push (@files,$media)}


{foreach my $child5 ($child4->get_children){
if ($child5->get_name eq 'GtkComboBoxEntry'){
push(@files, $child5->get_active_text);

elsif ($child5->get_name eq 'GtkComboBox'){
push (@files,$child5->get_active_text);



As you can see I am getting the values several levels deep from
dynamically inserted boxes from a container box

The function works well, but seems very clunky, so my question is
whether there is a better way to do this.


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