Re: GtkGLExt

On Wed, 7 Feb 2007 15:00:14 +0100
"Jeffrey Ratcliffe" <jeffrey ratcliffe gmail com> wrote:

According to their website (,
there are Gtk2 OpenGL bindings for Python.

Is there anything equivalent for Perl?

I would like to write an (I hope Gtk2-Perl) application to, amongst
other things, display 3D models.

Or am I better off learning Python? Or something else?

Learn xs, and make the Perl port of gtkglext. 

I'm suggesting that you do it, because I can't. :-)

While we are expressing our wishlists, I would like to
order a Perl port of Papyrus too.

While we are on this subject,  a thought just occurred
to me. Is it possible to run some
gtk c-lib code thru Inline::C, and incorporate their widgets
into a Perl/Gtk2 program?  


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