Re: segv on bad gobject get call

Kevin Ryde wrote:
I see the typemap sends a non-object like a class name string to a
"GObject*" of NULL, and that goes to init_property_value(), which calls
G_OBJECT_GET_CLASS and that macro doesn't check, just fetches from NULL.
Are you sure maybe someone along that path shouldn't notice it's bad?

I think the point you're making is that

gperl.h:249:#define SvGObject(sv)  (gperl_get_object (sv))

ought to be

gperl.h:249:#define SvGObject(sv)  (gperl_get_object_check (sv, G_TYPE_OBJECT))

and, quite frankly, i don't know why it isn't.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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