segv on bad gobject get call

On recent i386 debian, running the little program below just as "perl" gives a segv, where I hoped it might throw an error.

I think it hits what's meant to be the "$gobject->get('propname')"
method, but with the class instead of an object.  Is that something it's
meant to guard against, or is it a case of "don't do that"?

(I struck it while playing around with a subclass of Gtk2::Gdk::GC
seeing if I could automatically "release" a Gtk2::GC when it's garbage
collected, and I got the gobject get instead of my equivalent of
"Gtk2::GC->get".  So it's entirely my own doing, but a segv seemed a bit
harsh ...)

use Gtk2 '-init';

Glib::Object->get (123);
exit 0;

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