Am Montag 25 September 2006 08:55 schrieb Ratcliffe, Jeffrey (Peters):
Sorry for this being slightly off-topic, but:

Are any of you guys using an IDE?

For want of anything better, I am using nedit, which looks foul on Ubuntu
Dapper, but is a miles better editor than gedit.

On the editor-only-level, I use vim. You might want to try kate (if you use 

I tried out Eclipse + EPIC, but the editor was nowhere near as nice as
nedit and I could only get Perl syntax highlighting if the file was .pl.

I just installed Eclipse + EPIC myself these days (also Ubuntu Dapper). So 
far, I like it somehow, mostly because of the Package Explorer and 
the "Outline". It is definitly more efficient to select a specific subroutine 
in the outline tree than browsing through bunches of files and pages of code 
looking for it...
On the other hand, it is not the most responsive software I ever used:-) And 
it's not as smart as I would like it to be.
Write, for example,

my $foo = Foo->new;
$foo-> (you get a selection of the available methods here, which is nice!).

But write (as it happens more often this way):

my $foo = shift; 
# or my $foo = $other_foo; or my $foo = $tree->get_model or ... 
$foo-> (you get nothing here...)

@Daniel: Is Komodo any better in this regard?



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