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Sorry for this being slightly off-topic, but:

Are any of you guys using an IDE?

For want of anything better, I am using nedit, which looks foul on Ubuntu Dapper, but is a miles
better editor than gedit.

I tried out Eclipse + EPIC, but the editor was nowhere near as nice as nedit and I could only
get Perl syntax highlighting if the file was .pl.

And I haven't found anything else of note.

Apart from xemacs, which I understand has some nice Perl features, but I loath the interface
almost as much as vi.

What killer Perl IDE have I missed?

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I am also using nedit; both for Perl and C/C++.

My desktop is KDE - kwrite is a nice editor, with syntax highlighting for a lot
of languages including Perl and C/C++.

kwrite also has block folding (I am not sure I'm using the correct term)
- one can make code between matching {} invisible.

kwrite also has column copy/cut/paste.

I'm still using nedit because of its very nice middle button drag-copy-paste.

Consider IDE as a convenient debugger. Though I am not using any.


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