I embarked on this same quest about a year ago.  I came up empty-handed, and begun development on a Perl/Gtk2 IDE with MySQL support written in Perl.  If I ever find enough time to get it complete enough for a beta release, I'll let you all know.

If you are using GladeXML for generating your UIs, glade is a partial solution (for widget layout at least).  You still would be left using your favorite editor for writing your perl code, and it sounds like you have yet to find your favorite editor.  Personally, I like gvim/vim.  You have to learn a few commands, but as a programmer I'm pretty used to that, and prefer that method to having to reach for the mouse.

If you don't mind paying some money for an IDE, I seem to remember that ActiveState has a commercial product.  OK...I just found it here   I'm not sure if the Pro Studio works with vanilla Perl, or if you have to use ActiveState.  If ActiveState is required that would be a deal-breaker for me.

I hope that helps.


On 9/25/06, Ratcliffe, Jeffrey (Peters) <Jeffrey Ratcliffe External eads com> wrote:
Sorry for this being slightly off-topic, but:

Are any of you guys using an IDE?

For want of anything better, I am using nedit, which looks foul on Ubuntu Dapper, but is a miles better editor than gedit.

I tried out Eclipse + EPIC, but the editor was nowhere near as nice as nedit and I could only get Perl syntax highlighting if the file was .pl.

And I haven't found anything else of note.

Apart from xemacs, which I understand has some nice Perl features, but I loath the interface almost as much as vi.

What killer Perl IDE have I missed?

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