Re: Gtk2::GLExt build problems

A. Pagaltzis wrote:
* Mark Glines <mark glines org> [2006-06-03 08:05]:
I don't know how to specify a prototype with "use constant", or
indeed if its possible at all. But replacing the constants with
the following lines doesn't emit any warnings for me:

It isnât, but the subs in SDL::OpenGL::Constants should have the
right prototype (ie. `()`, same as uses) in the first
place. Flick a bug report to the author.


What bug, exactly, do I report?  That they eventually added some
constants that were missing a year or two ago?  That they implement
their constants in such a way that we can't override the values without
warnings?  (If I were them, I'd claim the constants shouldn't have been
overridden in the first place.)

It seems more straightforward to me to remove the "use constant" line
from the example script...


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