Gtk2::GLExt build problems


I'm having some difficulty using Gtk2::GLExt-0.90.

Makefile.PL doesn't succeed, because Glib::MakeHelper->do_pod_files
(@xs_files) barfs.  It says:

Including ApiDoc pod...
not a valid file descriptor at
line 105

This box has Glib-1.120 and Glib::MakeHelper-0.03 installed.

When I edit Makefile.PL and comment that line out, it installs properly
(just missing some pod, I assume).  I'm not sure what the real fix
should be...

When installed, your examples/ script runs, but it emits a
couple of warnings.

Prototype mismatch: sub main::GL_NICEST: none vs () at
/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/ line 103.
Prototype mismatch: sub main::GL_COMPILE: none vs () at
/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/ line 103.

Turns out SDL::OpenGL *does* export those two constants, at least the
version on this box (sdl-perl-2.1.3) does.


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