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rashwin wrote:


1. Which stable version of Gtk2+ is it good to move to? I need to
run the application on both Linux and Windows.

On Linux, at the moment, you're best off with the latest 2.8.x release.
2.10.x is out, but there are some rendering bugs in treeviews at the moment.

On Windows, I've been unable to get anything past 2.6.11 going. I
believe there were some changes beyond this that require the bindings to
be rebuilt, and that hasn't happened yet ( not that I'm hinting, but
*damn* those bindings are hard to build on Windows ... )

So basically you'll have to target the 2.6.x feature-set, but you can
run 2.8.x on Linux and 2.6.11 on Windows.

2. I will most probably be using Glade2 as well. Which stable version of
Glade2 should I move to? I am also planning to use Gtk2::GladeXML for
this purpose.

Good plan :) I've been using glade-3 cvs for a couple of months now, and
haven't had any issues recently. Otherwise the latest version of glade-2
is also fine.

3. I currently use GtkTree widgets in my application. I understand that it is deprecated and
replaced by the TreeView. Is there any specific support for that through Glade2?

I'm not sure exactly what you mean 'specific support'. There is a
TreeView widget which you can dump in your interface, but you can't set
up columns and stuff if that's what you mean.

Any help in this regard, will be greatly appreciated.

Not a problem. And sorry no-one got back to you sooner :)

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