ANNOUNCE: Gtk2::Ex::DateRange

Gtk2::Ex::DateRange is a simple special purpose widget for specifying
a range of dates. (For example, [after '1965-03-12' and on or before

I wanted something more than just two plain old Gtk2::Entries for this
purpose. So I wrote a little high level widget with 'usability' as the
foremost criterion.

I found myself using this in more than a couple of places in my data
analysis app. So, I thought it could even be CPAN worthy. And so here
it is....

May be later I'll add some logic to check the validity of dates
entered. For example a model like [before '1965-03-12' and after
'1989-02-14'] doesn't quite make sense. Where as [before '1965-03-12'
or after '1989-02-14'] makes sense.



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